En Christo Counseling

Welcome to En Christo Counseling. We are interested in helping you through life’s struggles with the counseling you need. Whether you are dealing with stress laden situations at home or work, anxiety, depression, grief, marriage problems, family issues, parenting, addictions, bi-polar disorder, or worried about this stressful economy, we are here to provide the therapy you need.

“En Christo” means “In Christ” which is precisely what we endeavor to do, counsel people in a way that will enhance their relationship with Jesus Christ. We do not try to force a religious view or denomination on anyone. That is your decision. We believe in the Bible as the inspired Word of God. If you do not have faith in God we will work with you where you are for that is just what God has done for us.

Our approach is to combine cognitive/behavioral therapy with systems theory and your relationship with God. This means we work with your thought process and the resulting behaviors to help you identify the basic beliefs that need to change for you to change your behavior. It also means we look at how those basic beliefs were formed in your family of origin. We take into consideration the relationships you have in your family/social/work environment looking at the effects of these relationships on you and the affect you have on these relationships. All of this is considered in the context of  your relationship with God and your spiritual journey. We are Christian and believe our faith in God should affect all areas of our lives to help us make positive changes. We do not try to force our beliefs on you. We respect the right of each person to choose their own faith.

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